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Hundreds of hours

of mind challenging entertainment

Telegames has teamed with, the world’s leading quiz-meisters, to create the largest and most comprehensive compilation of puzzle games ever released for a portable gaming system.

Now you can play 12 different puzzle types while on the go for one low price!  With a single purchase you get loads of puzzles to solve:

Crosswords, Kriss-Kross, WordSearch, CodeBreakers,

BackWords, Cryptic, Diamonds, Easy Crossword,

Number Jig, Micro WS, Mini K, Mini WS



Some of the outstanding features include:

  • 1001 different puzzles - with an average solution time of 10 to 20 minutes each.

  • Multiple variations of each puzzle type, including sections for younger players.

  • Scroll your "cursor" around to reveal the huge multi-screen puzzle grids.

  • PC-style menus allow easy and intuitive operation.

  • Save the puzzle status and other options for later.

  • On-screen "How to play" instructions and button actions.

  • "Game copy" feature allows a sharing of puzzles by downloading them to other GBAs for unlinked, independent play.  It’s even easier than sharing music files…and it’s FREE!
  • Purchase it now at  Walmart Amazon,  or  TelegamesDirect.




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