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Exact Match

Universal ChaosTM

Available Now for Nokia 3650/7650

Other formats are also in development


An outstanding product that is a thoroughly updated version of this classic arcade-style game....with no quarters required to play!  Although the game is freshened with modern hi-res graphics and a fully scrollable playfield, it still retains the addictive gameplay that captivated players originally.

The year is 2064 and Earth has been completely saturated with urban development and population growth.  The Universal Governing Council has ruled that a "thinning of the herd" must occur for the good of the masses.  UGC attack vehicles patrol the spaceways of cities seeking unsuspecting citizens to eradicate.  You must pilot your Urban Cruiser through the city and battle the swarming UGC attack vehicles to stay alive.  Hey.....Earth may be crowded, but it beats the alternative!

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  • High-resolution 12-bit color graphics.
  • Fully scrolling playfield.
  • Use standard phaser, machine gun, homing missiles, and mines.
  • Huge number of effects such as explosions, smoke billows, etc.
  • Cool sound effects throughout the game.
  • Extra life and bonus point opportunities.



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