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Exact Match

Soccer Kid TM

MSRP $14.99
Available in U.K. and Europe
(Will not release in U.S.A.)


An enhanced, home-based version

 of the Game Boy Advance hit.


A million miles away in outer space, far above the planet Earth, an alien pirate is scanning the area for a trophy of great importance to add to its enormous collection. "Beep beep beep" goes the scanner as it locates the Universal Soccer Trophy, the most prestigious soccer award on the planet, shining brightly in the sun. Suddenly, a blanket of darkness falls over the stadium as the pirate spaceship materializes. The crowd becomes numb as the Universal Soccer Trophy disappears from view. Seconds later, as the spaceship flees to outer space.... Bang! the spaceship collides with an asteroid. The Universal Soccer Trophy shatters into five pieces which fall to Earth, each chunk landing on a different part of the world.

Soccer Kid decides there and then to save the day by recovering the five pieces of the Universal Soccer Trophy


  • 10 visually different, themed stages.
  • 15 levels, plus 5 bonus levels.
  • 40+ unique enemies to battle.
  • 5 end of stage bosses, plus 1 giant end of game boss.
  • Over 20 Pieces of special themed digital music.
  • Special moves - perform tricks to gain extra points.
  • Use headers, overhead kicks, and volleys to defeat the enemies.


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