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Shamus TM

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The cult favorite of the mid-80's finally re-emerges on Game Boy and Game Boy Color in a graphically enhanced version that is completely faithful to gameplay and strategy.

You are Shamus, the robot sleuth, who must hunt down the evil Shadow within his Lair and destroy him before he returns the compliment. With your supply of Ion-Shives, you match wits and weapons with the Shadow's henchmen, while exploring the Lair looking for keys, hidden doors, and ???.

Four levels, 128 rooms, passcode access, nerve racking excitement, reflex testing action, near-video cut scenes, oodles of adversaries.......and what about those secret Pod Rooms?!?

Shamus is head and shoulders above Robotron and Frenzy.
- The Classic Gaming Enthusiast of the coolest, most addicting action/adventure games of all time.
- September '99 Tips & Tricks Magazine


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