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The First 3rd Person 3-D Action/Adventure

The first ever "behind the hero" perspective for a portable video game system.  This outstanding 3-D adventure elicits comparisons to console versions of Tomb Raider and others, but can be played on your Game Boy Advance!  Some of the outstanding features include:

  • 4 different worlds of 3-D sci-fi action and adventure.
  • Challenging end-boss for each of the worlds.
  • 16 levels with very realistic 3-D environments.
  • Third person perspective and smart camera system.
  • Remote cameras and 3-D mirrors...another first!
  • Action-based music system.
  • In-game 3-D cinematics and text events.
  • Multiple weapons, bonuses and upgrades to be found.
  • Never ending supply of bad guys to waste.

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