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You are about to step back into a time when video games were young and so were we! Remember the excitement you felt when you finally conquered that game level you had previously thought impossible to beat? Those bad guys are no match for you! You can still kick them all over the screen just like old times.

Thanks to cutting edge technology we are able to emulate home video game decks, utilizing the actual cartridge code from the original games on your home computer. This native Win95 CD-based series utilizes the latest Microsoft technology such as DirectDraw.

What does this mean to you? It means better game play, faster loading, authentic game sounds and behavior (original bugs and all). So sit back and prepare to be transported back to the early years of interactive home entertainment.

Volume 1 contains 10 ColecoVision Classics - Beamrider, River Raid, Mountain King, Sir Lancelot, Nova Blast, Strike It, Pitfall, Tank Wars, Quest for Quintana Roo, and Tournament Tennis.


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