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Iron Soldier 3 TM

Animated Violence

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Telegames and Eclipse Software have again teamed to develop a third installment in the series of the award winning Iron Soldier franchise. All new, graphically enhanced with additional features, this version will provide the ultimate Mech-Combat challenge and enjoyment.

"As giant-mech games go, I have to say that this is without a doubt my favorite on PlayStation." "...conjures comparisons with visuals in games like Metal Gear Solid or Vagrant Story."

Final Score: 4 out of 5

- Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine

Iron Soldier 3 for Sony PlayStation features the following:


  • Using only minimal OS support for highest performance
  • Fully texture mapped and shaded 3D worlds
  • Advanced polygon subdivision system
  • Rolling terrain
  • Plasma/particle system for realistic weather effects
  • Changing weather conditions during missions
  • Depth shading and lighting effects
  • Multiple dynamic lightsources
  • Transparency effects
  • Realistic shadow effects for buildings
  • Fullscreen realtime motion blur effect
  • Special display modes for invisibility and infrared option
  • More detailed battlefields
  • More and enhanced destruction effects for buildings and enemies
  • Three mech types. In addition to the classic IS mech, the player can select the Satyr Walker mech, which is faster and has less armor, or the CE-Tech mech, which is slower but heavily armored.
  • 15 mountable weapons
  • Jetpack for high speed action
  • Pilotable cruise and homing missiles
  • Flame thrower
  • Time bombs
  • Spy drone
  • Infrared vision
  • Force field
  • Invisibility device
  • 25 single player missions
  • Two player duel mode (head to head) using a split screen (3 different split screen options: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal)
  • Two player cooperative mode
  • Arcade mode
  • Save high scores for all modes
  • Proprietary movie engine for highest possible FMV quality
  • More than 20 minutes of rendered FMV sequences
  • 60 minutes of XA audio soundtrack
  • Surround Sound sfx

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