The War Continues!

After Iron Fist Corporation was destroyed, the Resistance set up a democratic government called the United Republic.

However, now that Iron Fist is gone, the rival corporation, known as PENTA, is trying to take over IFC's old territory by raiding and terrorizing the United Republic.

This time, you are part of the UR's elite defense force. Your job is to pilot an Iron Soldier and use it to eliminate the terrorist forces and protect the UR from military harm.


Insert your Iron Soldier 2 CD into the Jaguar CD player and close the lid.

Insert your Memory Track Cartridge (if you have one).

Press the POWER button.

Press any button to skip the titles screen and start the game.


START GAME Starts a new game.

LOAD GAME Allows you to continue a saved game. Game progress can be saved to one of the save game slots after each completed mission. (The CD version requires the Memory Track Cartridge to support this option.)

OPTIONS Here you can change some settings for difficulty, controls, and soundmode.



Button A + UP: Walk forward.

Once you are walking, let go of the A Button and you'll keep moving.

Button A + Down: Walk backward. Your backward speed is slower than forward.

Button A: Pressing the A Button by itself will bring the walk to a stop.

NOTE: While walking, you can step on items like tanks, trees, and houses.


Joypad Up/Down: Look up / down

Joypad Left/Right: Turn left / right

NOTE: Holding the C Button down while moving the Joypad will make you look around much faster. If you press the C Button by itself, it will automatically center your view. By looking down, you can watch your feet crush tanks, trees, etc.


Press the B Button to fire your currently selected weapon.


Press the Option Button to select hand-held weapons. Press the Option Button repeatedly to switch between the IS's two hands. The hands are selectable even if there is no weapon mounted there - remember, your fist is a weapon in itself!


Use the Option Button and Number Pad to select Weapon Mounts. Whatever weapon is on a mount will be useable when that mount is selected. If the weapon is out of ammunition or no weapon is mounted, that mount cannot be selected.

1 Selects the Right Shoulder mount

3 Selects the Left Shoulder mount

4 Selects the Right Hip mount

6 Selects the Left Hip mount

7 Selects the Right Hand mount (or press Option)

9 Selects the Left Hand mount (or press Option)

NOTE: The numbers are laid out to match the weapon mounts seen in the IS diagram, which is found in the upper left corner of your cockpit screen.

OTHER CONTOLS: # plus * resets the game.


You can look up and down, left and right without changing your walking direction if you turn on the Advanced Controls.

Use the 2 key to switch the Advanced Controls ON / OFF.

While Advanced Controls are ON, only A + Joypad left / right will turn the IS left or right.

C + Joypad or Joypad alone will make the IS look around without changing your walking direction. You can only look 90 degrees to the left, right, up or down without turning the body of the IS.

NOTE: While Advanced Controls are ON, your IS will automatically look forward whenever you use a melee weapon like the Manipulator or the Chain Cutter.


On the Mission Selection Screen, you will see 20 icons reprensenting the missions you have to complete.

Selectable missions will be highlighted. Completed missions will appear with a check mark (you can play completed missions again if you want, but you don't have to).

When you have completed the first block of five missions, the next block will become selectable. You can play highlighted missions in any order, except mission 16 through 20, which must be played in order. Completing certain missions will give you access to new weapons, so choose missions carefully.

After you have chosen a mission, you will go to the briefing screen. Read the briefing carefully, it explains what you have to do to complete the mission. You may have to do a bit of exploring before you know exactly how to finish a mission.

If you don't want to play the mission, select EXIT to return to the Mission Selection Screen. Otherwise, select PLAY to go to the Arming Screen.


If your IS is destroyed, you will not complete the mission. To keep playing you can choose the continue option (there is an unlimited number of continues) to return to the Mission Selection Screen. If you fail a mission, you will be informed about this and return to the Mission Selection Screen to replay the mission or try another one.

If you have completed a mission you will see a debriefing message and then have the option to save your progress. You can choose your desired save game slot by pressing the corresponding number on the keypad.


In the Arming Screen, you select what weapons you want to use in a mission. There are six mounts for weapons: 2 shoulders, 2 hips and 2 hands. A mount can only hold one weapon at a time and some weapons are restricted to certain mounts.

Until you find all the weapons in the game, some weapon icons will be closed. You can only select between the weapons shown with their representing icon. Use the Joypad to move the cursor over a weapon icon and press the B Button.

If there is a free mount for this weapon, you will see the weapon flashing at the default mount position on the IS window, otherwise you can't mount this weapon. If there is more than one possible mount for the weapon, you can use the Joypad to select between them.

To remove a weapon, press the C Button and select the mount you wish to free up, then press the B Button to remove it.

Select EXIT when you have equipped your IS to your satisfaction.



Basically, the Standard Manipulator is your IS unit's hands and allows you to use hand weapons like a rifle or grenades. It is a powerful weapon in its own right. Use the Standard Manipulator to pound on buildings or enemy IS units. Make sure you're right next to the object or enemy that you want to hit.


This weapon is a 75 MM semiautomatic hand-held rifle, with a healthy supply of ammunition. If will fire three-round bursts if you hold down the B Button. It has a decent range and firepower and is a good all purpose weapon. It takes two hands to use, so it cannot be carried if you have equipped your IS with a Chain Cutter or other hand-held weapons.


This hand-held shotgun fires a spreading cone of slugs, and is ideal for shooting down helicopters or VTOLs. It is very short ranged (much like the Gatling Gun), but twice as powerful as the Cassy Assault Rifle and with a decent area effect. Accuracy is not as critical as with the rifle, but rate of fire is slower. It also requires both hands.


This chain-driven cutting device replaces your right hand and must be mounted on the arm. It is an excellent close up weapon to quickly destroy buildings or enemy IS units. Remember, like the Manipulator, you must stand right next to your target to hit it.


The oil-drum sized grenades explode on impact and have a large explosion area. Even if you don't hit a target directly, it still may be destroyed by the explosion. Grenades always fly a fixed distance. Practice throwing these so you know just how far they go. You can even throw them over buildings. Be careful not to be too close to the explosion - you may damage your own IS! Each grenade rack holds 8 grenades and can only be mounted on the Hip mounts.


This hip-mounted device allows you to rapidly fire small grenades in a fixed arc like thrown Badger Grenades, but at a significantly higher range. The grenades also travel a bit faster, landing and exploding sooner than hand thrown ones. The Corinne Automatic Grenade Launcher is a perfect multi purpose weapon. You can use it to bomb enemies over a long distance, efficiently destroy buildings and even shoot down attacking helicopters. You will need some practice to make optimal use of it, though. The grenade launcher requires both hip mounts, so it cannot be carried if you have mounted any other weapon there.


This weapon is a rapid firing, 6-barrel Gatling gun that fires 40 MM rounds at over 600 rounds per minute. It is devastating at short range, but its power drops off rapidly at longer ranges. It carries a lot of ammunition, but don't waste your shots. It can be mounted on any shoulder or hip mount.


This rocket launcher fires 12 deadly rockets. The rockets are explosive and not as powerful as the Badger Grenades, but they can be fired over much greater distances. Rockets will explode when they hit something or reach their maximum range. Rocket Launchers can be mounted on any shoulder or hip mount.


One launcher holds six missiles. When this weapon is selected, a yellow target indicator will select the enemy target that is closest to the crosshair (not the nearest to you). When you fire the missille, it will turn to follow the enemy even if he is moving, and does about the same amount of damage that a rocket does. You don't have to precisely aim the missile, it will home in on its own. It may not work correctly if the enemy moves behind a tree or building, because it might hit the interfering object instead. Ferret Homing Missiles can be mounted on either shoulder mount.


This cannon uses electromagnetic pulses to fire 120 MM armor-piercing rounds at incredible velocity. Unlike the Rifle or Gatling Gun, there is no limit to how far it fires. It cannot be fired very rapidly, though, because it has to autoload the massive shells one at a time. It is an excellent sniper weapon which can be mounted on either shoulder mount.


This hand-held weapon combines good range with a high rate of fire. It fires full auto, but at a much lower rate than a Gatling Gun. It is about as powerful as the Assault Rifle, but has better range and better rate of fire. It requires both hands, so it cannot be carried if you have equipped your IS with a Chain Cutter or other hand-held weapons.


The shield is not really a weapon - it increases your defensive abilities. When the shield is selected, you will take half damage from enemies! However, you can't use other weapons when it is selected (other than stomping) and you must have the shield selected in order for it to protect you. The shield can be mounted on either shoulder mount.


This weapon can literally be flown to the target. When you fire the missile, it will switch to a missile camera view. Use the Joypad to steer the missile to your target. The "ammo" bar represents how much fuel the missile has - if you run out of fuel, it will explode! Otherwise, it will explode on impact with its target.

You can also detonate it at any time after launch by pressing the B Button. The explosion is as powerful as a Hand Grenade, so if you use the missile properly, you can destroy several buildings or enemies that are close together. Unfortunately, only one missile will fit on a mount at a time, so use them carefully! Also, be careful not to detonate it close to your IS or you will take damage from the blast. Cruise Missiles can be mounted on either shoulder.

NOTE: Mounting more than one of any weapon will give you more ammunition for that weapon, but otherwise has no effect on weapon performance.


Each enemy has strengths and weaknesses. Practice will teach you which weapons are best for use against each enemy type.

'Glaive' Helicopter

The helicopters fire bullets or rockets at you. They also like to fly over your head and get behind you, so try to destroy them before they get too close.

'Greave' V.T.O.L.

These unusual planes use turbine engines to hover or fly around. They drop deadly bombs on you from above, so don't let them get too close.

'Gantlet' Attack Plane

This fixed-wing aircraft flies quickly overhead and drops bombs.

'Wyvern' Jetfighter

A small and incredibly fast plane. It fires rockets at you from high distances, but sometimes also flies direct attacks.

'ROC' Transport Plane

These huge planes fly over the battlefield and drop light tanks or FAVs via parachutes.

'Brassard' Light Tank

These tanks are everywhere. They fire cannon shots and occasionally fire off a 1-shot rocket (especially if you make them mad).

'Basilisk' Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

Small vehicles armed with rocket launchers. They like to do "hit and run" tactics.

'Tasset' Heavy Tank

Watch out for these brutes! They fire powerful cannon shots and are incredibly tough. They are so big you won't even be able to step on them.

'Behemoth' Frigates

These massive, armed ships are frequently a target you will need to take out to complete a mission. They take several hits from grenades or other heavy weapons to destroy and they are usually armed with two turrets, which can fire cannon shots or rockets. They are frequently docked, but can occasionally sail out of grenade range, so keep an eye on them and don't waste time destroying them.

'Javelin' Rocket Launcher

This device does not move. but is still dangerous. It can fire off two rockets in any direction. If you get close enough, you can step on these just like Light Tanks and Gun Turrets.

'Heaume' Gun Turret

These are also fixed gun emplacements with heavy machine guns that will fire at you if you get too close.

'Satyr' War Strider

A two legged, armed walker about half the size of an IS. These guys are speedy, and have two "shoulder" pylons on which they can mount missile launchers. Heavy machine guns and rockets are the most common armaments. Like the FAVs, walkers like to do hit and run attacks.

Enemy IS Units

They can be armed with a variety of weapons, but most of them mount Wolfpack Rocket Launchers. They are quite sturdy, so be sure you have lots of grenades or rockets. They can alo be destroyed in close combat, but watch out for their punch!

'Cold Iron Gunner' (CIG)

PENTA's new secret weapon.


Crates can be found in the ruins of destroyed buildings and contain ammunition, repair kits, new weapons and other valuable supplies. There are five different types of crates:

WOOD Crates

These crates contain extra Rockets, Grenades, Homing Missiles or Cruise Missiles. You can replenish some of your ammo by picking up these crates.

STEEL Crates

These contain extra ammo for the Assault Rifle, Gatling Gun, Rail Cannon, Shotgun or Heavy Machine Gun. Pick these up if you are running low on ammo for any of these weapons.


These black and yellow striped crates will repair about ¼ of the total hit damage to your IS when you pick them up.


Some missions require you to collect supplies. Be sure you collect any supply crates you come accross.


New IS weapons are sometimes packed in distinctive crates. Pick up any weapon crates you find to equip your IS with weapons for later missions.

NOTE: If you find a lot of "empty" crates in a mission, try selecting different weapons for that mission the next time you play. You may find that those "empty" crates are not so empty if you have the right weapons with you...


Buildings are a major part of urban combat. Buildings can help you by providing cover from enemies, or containing valuable crates.


These buildings often contain repair crates. They are quite sturdy.


Warehouses may have crates in them. Some warehouses are quite sturdy, others are fairly weak.

Residential Block

These buildings are not too strong, but rarely have any crates in them. Most of the population lives in buildings like these.


They are extremely fragile, and never contain crates. They're fun to step on.

Water Tower

These buildings are fragile structures with no crates inside.

Fuel Tanks

These buildings are sturdy, but explode when destroyed. The explosion will damage nearby buildings and enemies, and may even set off other fuel tanks in a chain reaction! You can be damaged by exploding fuel tanks, so be careful. Repair crates are occasionally found in the wreckage of fuel tanks.


These massive buildings are where the corporate management works - they're everywhere - and they're quite sturdy. You can occasionally find crates in them.

Control Towers

These towers coordinate enemy attacks. They are sometimes placed near objectives.

Power Plant

These incredibly sturdy buildings are found in industrial areas. They often contain crates.


Weapon Mounts

Shows you what weapons your IS is equipped with. The vertical bar indicates how much ammo the currently selected weapon has.

Weapon Selected

Shows what weapon is currently selected.

Hits Bar

Shows how much damage your IS can take before it is destroyed.


Shows the position of nearby enemies. You are in the center of the radar, so it can show enemies behind you. Different colors indicate different enemy types.

Text Window

Shows important text messages, like what kind of ammunition you just picked up.

Warning Light

Flashes if your Iron Soldier has taken too much damage.



Terrorists are using abandoned factories outside of town to build a new high speed walker. Destroy the main industrial installations in the desert.


Spies have found warehouses used by PENTA terrorists to hide illegal weapons. They are located on a small isle and defended by enemy troops. Destroy all buildings on this isle and try to capture the weapons stored there.


PENTA troops are massing in a small city. Raid their camp and destroy the warehouses on the island to capture their supplies.


PENTA has launched a surprise attack on the UR. Protect the main skyscrapers against the enemy forces and destroy all SATYR walkers.


Criminals are hijacking our transport trucks by blocking off their travel routes. Clear the routes and protect the trucks from harm until they can make it out off the city.


Industrial terrorists have placed car bombs throughout the city. Destroy these cars before too many of the bombs can go off.


PENTA troops are attacking the UR's main habor. Locate and destroy all enemy ships before the enemy can cause greater damage to the city.


An illegal PENTA military airbase has been discovered within striking range of UR territory. Destroy the airbase before they can launch all of the attack planes.


Enemy agents are sabotaging our transports. Protect the truck convoy from enemy fire. At least two trucks have to reach their destination to complete this mission.


PENTA backed terrorists are driving bomb-laden trucks through the city. Stop the trucks before they can destroy their targets.


PENTA troops are trying to capture a major industrial center by air drop. Stop this attack by destroying all their ground forces.


An automated defense system has gone berserk. Shut it down by destroying the four power plants delivering its energy.


Destroy all the warehouses in the city and collect the supplies found there. But be warned: PENTA has called an air strike against your Iron Soldier.


Terrorists have taken control of two Iron Soldier units on the outskirts of the UR. Destroy the two units before they begin damaging buildings inside UR territory.


PENTA has build a military base dangerously close to United Republic territory. Don't leave a single building standing!


Find and destroy all enemy ships before they can escape. A newly developed ground transport system will help you.


PENTA has build a fortress to protect their supplies against UR attacks. Destroy their defense system and capture all items they are storing inside.


PENTA has built a very large industrial complex consisting of several islands. Destroy all factories, fuel tanks and warehouses to stop their weapon production.


Once again PENTA is attacking our transports to slow down our weapon production. Protect the transports and stop the enemy attacks by destroying the walkers coordinating their illegal activities. At least 3 trucks have to survive.


Our Agents have found PENTA's well protected headquarters on an island. They are building a new weapon called the COLD IRON GUNNER there. Destroy this unit before PENTA is able to complete the weapon and uses it to crush the UR.