Read the Briefing carefully so you know what you must do to complete a level. It may take you a few tries before you figure out exactly where and what your objectives are.

Choose your weapons carefully.

Try breaking open buildings and remember what kind of crates are in them if any.

If you can't solve a mission, try taking a different route. There are many ways to go, some are easier and faster than others.

Enemies that move quickly are easier to hit if you fire just in front of them, so that they move into your shots. This is called "leading" the target.


Use buildings for cover. Don't stand out in the open, or you will be surrounded.

You can often kill tanks by hiding from them until they are very close, then stomp on them!

You can kill tanks at long range with the rocket launcher - aim just a little bit high when doing this.

When fighting the Heavy Tank, avoid it until it is close, then cut it up with a Chain Cutter.


Use skyscrapers as cover, and watch your radar. When they come around the corner, blast 'em!

If you catch a V.T.O.L. on the ground, don't get too close - shoot it before it takes off.

Try to get the V.T.O.L.s to drop bombs on fuel tanks - they'll blow themselves up!

Be sure to kill V.T.O.L.s before they get too close.


You can shoot down rockets with some practice, but it is safer to dodge them.

Watch the rockets on the radar and move perpendicular to their flight path to avoid them.

Be sure not to get too close to rocket launchers.

Try to destroy rocket launchers at long range. Rockets do a lot of damage, so be careful!


If the ships are close enough to shore, use hand grenades.

Ships have good "side" armor, so rockets aren't too effective.

The ships fire at you if you get close, but it only takes a few well placed hand grenades to destroy a ship.


Try to use cover.

If you have rockets, try to fire them when the enemy IS is not shooting at you.

Throw grenades as accurately as possible, leading the target since the grenades are slow.

Most IS units stop firing if you get in close enough, but watch out for their punch!

Use your fists or the Chain Cutter at close range, and back up a little bit when you think it's going to punch you. Then move back in again if it turns away from you.