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.A deliriously spell-binding game

Planet Blupi is a new adventure game for PC's. It subtly blends action with thought-provoking challenges. Behind the quiet and gentle facade, you'll enjoy a fascinating diversion full of surprises.  Planet Blupi is ideal for ages 9 to 99.

System Requirements :
· PC with Windows 95

· Pentium 60 with 8 Mbytes RAM



Blupi leads a quiet life on his planet until a strange meteorite crashes in a desert area. Only much later does Blupi realize that his crops are being destroyed by huge spiders. Though he's always been a tough and healthy type, a weird virus has been causing him to sneeze and cough alot lately.

What's going on?

In fact, the meteorite is a spaceship. The only passenger on board is a mean-looking robot. Its goal is to build factories that produce a variety of aliens. Help Blupi use the resources of his beautiful planet to chase these invaders away!

The game

There are some 30 missions to figure out, ranging from really easy to completely mind-boggling. The goals of the missions are varied: to grow food, to find a strategic point, to eradicate aliens, etc...You may need just one Blupi to accomplish the missions, or dozens!

· Help Blupi to explore
· Cut trees to produce boards and planks

· Transport various materials

· Build houses

· Grow tomatoes

· Pick flowers

· Survey the ground

· Extract iron ore

· Devise traps

· Build bridges

· Cure other Blupi friends

A cool interface

Planet Blupi's interface is designed to remain as simple as possible, so you can have fun and concentrate on the game. There's no need for long strokes across the screen with the mouse. You don't waste time choosing buttons and icons from a large display somewhere out of reach. A small display on the left gives general information about the mission in progress. When you want Blupi to do a specific action, just click on the right spot in the scenery. A palette of actions available pops up, and you can make your choice. Actions are smooth and quick. A limited series of optional exercises can be used to learn how to play the game.

A large selection of scenery

Blupi's planet has 4 distinct areas :

· Open prairie
· Deep woods

· Desert

· Snowy landscape

Each mission is carried out in a vast area of 40,000 cells (200x200 square elements). This great product will even allow you to draw the scenery, set the goals and create your own missions.



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